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Samtale Terapi

Hva er samtaleterapi og kan det hjelpe?

We can all be exposed to emotional and emotional stress throughout periods of life. For some people, the problems are short-term and no treatment is needed. But for others, participating in talk therapy can make a significant difference in how they feel and possibly change their outlook on life. Whether it has to do with a tough event, difficult life situation, stressful study or work situation, the loss of a close relationship, dealing with a physical illness and / or feeling anxious, stressed or depressed, it may be time to consider talk therapy. Conversation therapy can help you figure out how to deal with negative thoughts and feelings and make positive and lasting changes in your life. 

What is psychotherapy?

Conversational therapy, also known as psychotherapy, is provided by psychiatric health professionals. psychiatrists and psychologists use to communicate with their patients. The purpose of talk therapy is to help people identify issues that are causing emotional and emotional stress.

For some people, these problems are complex and can result in a diagnosis such as  depression or anxiety. For others, talk therapy can simply serve as a safe place to discuss feelings and emotions triggered by daily stressors, a medical illness, relationship difficulties, grief, loss or the consequences of a trauma. Once the problems are identified, a therapist will help you understand how these stressors affect your life and work to develop strategies and solutions to reduce the severity of the symptoms. Generally, a talk therapy session lasts 45 minutes, unless otherwise agreed. How often you go to therapy and how long you continue depends on the severity of the symptoms and the treatment plan that your therapist makes with you. Basically, you can expect to participate in therapy once a week. While this may seem like a big deal,

The frequency of sessions can gradually change to twice a month and less as you develop coping strategies and begin to show signs of improvement.

Hvilken type samtaleterapi finnes?

Choosing the right therapist is just one part of the equation. You will also read about the different approaches to talk therapy. The good news? There are many options, which means you will probably find one that works for you.

There are five broad categories of psychotherapy, according to the American Psychological Association. These approaches include:

Behavioral therapy.  The goal of behavioral therapy is to reduce or eliminate self-destructive or unhealthy behaviors by addressing them and also reinforcing desirable behaviors.

Cognitive behavioral therapy. Therapists who use cognitive therapy focus more on what you think instead of what you do.

Humanistic therapy.  Within humanistic therapy, there are three subtypes: client-centered therapy, gestalt therapy and existential therapy.

Psychodynamic therapy.  This approach takes a dive into the unconscious meaning and motivation of your emotions, thoughts and behaviors. In psychodynamic therapy, a trusting relationship between the therapist and the client is ideally developed. Some people will refer to this as «talk therapy.»

Holistic or integrative therapy.  Instead of focusing on one style, therapists who use an integrative therapy style combine elements from different theories to create a style that meets the client’s needs.

Psychiatrists  and psychologists use certain types of talk therapy when treating specific conditions such as anxiety or depression that are considered the most common mental disorders.

Cognitive behavioral therapy. A combination of cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques is the most commonly used approach for treating  anxiety disorders .

Cognitive therapy emphasizes the important role of thinking, how we feel and what we do. Cognitive therapy is often used to treat depression.

Psychodynamic therapy and interpersonal therapy are also often used to treat anxiety and depression.

Tips for finding a therapist.

If you are ready to make an appointment with a therapist, but are not sure where to start, feel free to contact us. You can also try:

Ask your doctor for a recommendation.

Consult your local mental health team or mental health experts.

Ask family and friends for recommendations.

Fungerer samtaleterapi?

Det korte svaret er ja … samtaleterapi fungerer. Suksessen eller effektiviteten med psykoterapi er imidlertid avhengig av at du er villig til å være åpen for prosessen og være ærlig om hva du føler. Det avhenger også av dynamikken i forholdet pasient-terapeut. Mental helseeksperter støtter bruken av psykoterapi ved behandling av forskjellige tilstander, men forskning støtter også bruken av psykoterapi.

EN 2015 gjennomgang fant at kognitivterapi er det mest konsekvent støttede psykoterapeutiske alternativet i behandlingen av angstlidelser, noe som forklarer hvorfor det også er det mest anbefalte.

EN 2018 populasjonsbasert kohortestudie fant ut at tidlige behandlinger med samtaleterapi kan redusere langsiktig risiko for alvorlige psykiske helsemessige forhold hos mennesker som har problemer med sorg.

Med den økende populariteten til online terapi og teleterapi, lurer mange på om denne typen samtaleterapi er effektiv.

Resultater fra en 2014-studie fant at online behandling var like effektiv som ansikts-til-ansikt-behandling for depresjon. En annen studie fra 2014 rapporterer at online kognitivterapi var både kostnadseffektiv og førte til en reduksjon i angstsymptomer.


Vi kan alle oppleve følelsesmessig belastning på et tidspunkt. Den gode nyheten er at samtaleterapi er en velprøvd behandlingsmetode for å redusere symptomer og lære nye måter å håndtere problemer på. I tillegg er terapi åpen for alle, uavhengig av problemet. Våre spesialister innen psykiatri og rus- og avhengighetsmedisin ligger sentralt i Ski og har lang erfaring med psykoterapi, kognitiv terapi, interpersonlig terapi, dynamisk psykoterapi, helhetlig eller integrert psykoterapi som behandlingsformer med gode tilbakemeldinger fra våre pasienter. Kontakt oss. Bestill en time for videre kartlegging og samtale.

Grunnet stor pågang tar vi per tidspunkt ikke i mot nye pasienter. Pasienter som er i aktiv oppfølging hos oss kan fortsatt sette opp avtaler.
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